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Variable size



Porcelain, Cones

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"Symbiosis" is a ceramic installation composed of 81 3D printed ceramic objects combined with the pyrometric cones. It expresses the artist's thinking about the symbiotic relationship between human beings and nature in the post-epidemic era. The symbiotic relationship between man and nature is just like the relationship between ceramic works and the pyrometric cones, modern technology and traditional tools, which exist in contradiction but coexist with each other at the same time. In traditional Chinese philosophy, the symbiosis and balance of the five elements of gold, wood, water, fire and earth constitutes our world, and I think ceramics are the product of the combination of these five elements exactly. The application of 3D ceramics printing technology, displaying in Morse Code, the symbiosis of 81 languages engraved on the work and the replacement of a pyrometric cone as a cherished object standing on a pedestal in this work remind us to think about what we are doing to nature, and the contradiction and unity between human beings and nature.

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